Puppy Application

We are very careful to match our puppies with the best prospective owner based on a variety of attributes. Each puppy has their own personality and potential; therefore, based on temperament, living conditions, family atmosphere and your goals for your dog we try to make the perfect puppy placement. Our ultimate goal is to find loving families who will utilize the value of our breeding program and Championship Pedigrees.  With that in mind we need you to complete our Puppy Application and answer each of the following questions:

Color Of Puppy:
Fawn  Brindle  White  No Preference
Sex of Puppy:
Male  Female  No Preference

Have you Owned a Boxer Before:
Yes  No
Do all family members agree to the purchase of a new Boxer puppy?
Yes  No  Undecided
Type of housing:
Apartment  Condo  Single Family  Other
Do you:
Own  Rent
Does your landlord permit pets?
Yes  No
Do you have a securely fenced in yard or patio?
Yes  No
Are there children in the home?
Yes  No
Do you currently have any other dogs or animals in your home?
Yes  No

Will someone be home during the day with the puppy?
Yes  No
Has the primary caretaker ever trained a new puppy?
Yes  No
*Will you be willing to take your new puppy to Socialization & Training Classes?
If it will work in our schedule
I will do my own training
May we come visit your home?
Yes  No
Are you willing to be in regular contact with us if chosen for a puppy?
Yes  No
Are you willing to send pictures and updates on the puppy throuout its entire life?
Yes  No
Will you pick up the puppy or have it shipped?
Pick-Up  Shipped

If for any reason whatsoever should things not work out, do you agree to return this dog to us and NOT PLACE THIS DOG ON YOUR OWN?
Yes  No

Please answer ALL questions completely and, when finished, click on the submit button. We will be in contact with you to let you know if we have a puppy that fit your family.

Thank you